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Shortly after graduating form Albright College, we bought a small farm with our children, Ben and Allison, and began raising sheep.The original ewes were all from Bob and Betty Herr's Nix Besser flock. Almost all of the sheep in the current flock can be traced back to those ewes. We outgrew that farm in 1983 and moved to our present place just west of Sinking Spring, PA. On the 160 acre former dairy and crop farm, we increased the flock to about 200 ewes and added a few chickens and a couple Great Pyrenees. We run the sheep on native pastures and grow alfalfa and grass hay. Our kids helped out a lot during this time, but they eventually went off to college and other careers and we have reduced the flock to about 40 ewes. Allison recently moved back to the area and her children, Bella and Miles, are now helping with barn chores, starting another generation on the farm.

Please feel free to stop in and visit if ever in southeast Pennsylvania.

Nancy & Paul


Paul & Nancy Wissinger
205 Riegel Road
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
Turtle Mead Polled Dorsets
Turtle Mead Polled Dorsets
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